About Mike Rentner

Except for two military deployments to Iraq in 2005 and Afghanistan in 2011, I have lived in Austin, Texas since 1997.  A native of Virginia, I mostly lived in California, Japan, and Virginia after joining the Marine Corps before finally finding my home in Texas.

I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a law degree from Saint Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio and I’m now a Family Law attorney working in Southwest Austin.

In the Marines, I served with an A-6 Intruder squadron as the maintenance control officer, and later did the same with F/A-18D Hornets.  I was the Adjutant for Officer Candidate’s school before leaving active duty to begin working as a manufacturing engineer for Apple Computer and Dell Computer.

When the recent war started up, I rejoined the Marine Reserves and drilled for a weekend a month and two weeks each summer, unless I was mobilized overseas.   I served with the 4th Reconnaissance Battalion in San Antonio, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines in Iraq, 1st Battalion, 23d Marines out of Houston and in Afghanistan, and the 24th Marines in Kansas City serving as the Communications Officer.  I retired from the Marine Reserves in May of 2016.

I have now closed my law office and am no longer accepting new clients.