Child Custody

If you are a parent, you want what is best for your child. When you are going through a divorce or struggling to come to a child custody arrangement, emotions can run high and people can stop thinking clearly.

Child custody battles are usually frightening for the parents or the children even though sometimes they become necessary. At the Law Office of Michael Rentner, I will encourage you to work with your child’s other parent to come to an amicable agreement, if possible. If things become contested and a negotiation is not possible, I will help you protect the rights and safety of your children.

I can represent you in child custody and visitation cases involving the following situations:

  • Parents going through a divorce, including military divorces
  • One parent is seeking a child custody modification
  • One parent wants to enforce his or her parental rights
  • One parent is trying to move away with the child
  • One parent is providing an unsafe home for the child

and many other situations.

In all family law cases, I help my clients identify their priorities and educate them on their rights and the law in Texas. I provide comprehensive family law services, including representation during child support proceedings.

My law office is now closed and I am no longer accepting new clients.